Aaron George 

Aaron George is a 50-year-old transsexual man who transitioned in his early 30s. Prior to medically transitioning, he'd been an active part of the lesbian community as a butch. He's watched trans activism become more and more extreme over the years, and people are transitioning more and more, younger and younger. It's a big shiny rainbow locomotive flying forward, with everyone cheering "yay!"... Meanwhile, many of the older transmen in his life are now saying they regret transitioning. They're experiencing health problems, surgical complications, and are opening up (in private) about the ways in which past traumas had led to their dysphoria. Aaron himself admits that the homophobia he experienced as a butch lesbian was one thing that had pushed him to transition, and he wishes someone had helped unpack all of that before swinging open the gateway into life-long medicalization and complications. 


When you pull back the curtain, there's a lot behind this trans stuff that the trans activists, and the people profiting from this industry, don't want you to see. There's the Pinterest version - and then there's REALITY. So hold your horses...we're gonna bring it all out into the light! They're gonna be pissed, but who cares when kids are at stake?! #@%#&


Medical transition is no place for a child!