Please Contribute to Amplifying My Screams!

Speaking personally about my own experiences is very difficult, but I peel open my chest because I know that it’s the only way to help people understand the magnitude of what is happening to kids and be successful with my message. I believe that each podcast or interview I do  will be the last and will allow me to go on with my life. However, very recently I have realized that this IS my life, and I am either going to jump into activism 100% or walk away knowing I did something. 


It’s hard to see or feel the sincerity of someone without being directly involved in their life, I get that. If you were in my everyday life, you would see a parent who is absolutely terrified with what is happening to  gender-questioning kids. I often say that the concern you have about the medical industry pushing to medically transition kids would be a hundred times more if you had the background and experience of the process that I do.


I believe the phenomenon of “The Trans Craze'' will eventually end. It cannot be sustained, and reality will rear its head. The question is when and how many kids will be butchered - mentally, physically, and emotionally - before society understands and rises to stop this? It will stop, I guarantee it. The question is when? 

Thank you for your contribution, no matter how big or small. I will be using it to continue paying for TRevoices' ongoing expenses (domain name, photos we use, insurance, business license, upcoming YouTube channel, etc.) as well as saving up for a big ad buy.

Every bit helps to save kids, since medical transition is no place for a child!


Scott Newgent