About Our Founder

Scott Newgent

Mr. Newgent is a forty-eight-year-old transgender man who transitioned at age 42 and is a parent to three teenagers. Before his transition, Scott was known to the world as Kellie King, a dynamic, powerful business sales executive at Verizon Wireless and ATT Advertising, consistently leading the sales charts while acquiring countless honors, awards, and accolades. 


At age 42, Kellie made a decision that turned her world upside down. Everything that was once gold turned to coal, almost instantly. That decision was to transition to a transman, to become Scott Newgent. 


Mr. Newgent endured medical complication after medical complication due to transgender healthcare. He lost everything he’d ever worked for: his home, car, savings, career, wife, medical insurance, and most importantly faith within himself and God. In a battle to survive, he went from ER to ER, trying to solve a mystery of why his health was failing. He learned firsthand the truth about how dangerous and perilous medical transition really is. He learned the hard way that if you get sick because of transgender health, you will witness physicians throwing their hands up and saying one of two things: 1) "transgender health is experimental, and I don't know what's wrong" or 2) "you need to go back to the physicians who hurt you in the first place."

Every time he closed his eyes to give up, his children's faces appeared within his mind, a reminder that they were worth any amount of pain. Every time it became too much, he said silently and consistently, "Not today, not tomorrow, give me all you got, but I am not leaving my children."


This determination unlocked a key to his medical recovery. As he began to recover from several near-death experiences due to his transgender transition, he studied obsessively. He was shocked at the sub-par doctors around the world who are not being held accountable, and his jaw dropped at every website and journal article he read.

Still, the bomb that ignited a fire within him was after he discovered the medical industry was pushing children to transition medically. Once Mr. Newgent learned what they were doing to gender-questioning kids, his profound, relentless nature forged the way to becoming one of the fastest-rising international transgender leaders today. With each roar, he opens the door for more transgender people who believe like he does to find a home and for parents to confidently stand up to medical professionals and say, "No, my child will not be medically transitioning during childhood." He’s doing it, he’s getting people to join hands, from all different walks of life, beliefs, sexualities, and political stances, to join together and say collectively, “For This, We Stand Together - Medical Transitioning Is No Place For A Child.”


He thus founded TRevoices - TRans Rational Educational Voices - which is leading the charge in truth, reality, and care for everyone who is transgender, thinks they are transgender, or is touched by transgenderism. 

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