Action Items-Help Spread The Truth About Childhood Medical Transition-4 Mouse Clicks Can Help-Scott

Updated: Mar 29

We’ve been busy here at TReVoices working on rebranding the website and adding all the research you need to tell people why medical transition is no place for a child on our new Education page (more citations coming) - check them out!

I have two little action items for you to work on this week.

  1. GET SCOTT ON JOE ROGAN! Comedian Joe Rogan has one of the biggest, most popular, and most influential podcasters in the world. The man does not shy away from controversy and has had on both Debra Soh and Abigail Shrier, among many others. Imagine the good we could do to stop the medical transition of gender-questioning kids if I could scream my message on his show. What a platform! So please send a request to Rogan’s team to have me - TRANSMAN SCOTT NEWGENT - on his podcast by clicking HERE. I will tell him in no uncertain terms that medical transition is no place for a child!

MESSAGE: Please invite transman Scott Newgent to your show! Having fully transitioned from female to male, Scott will tell you the truth about the realities and brutalities of medical transition and why it’s no place for a child. You can learn more about Scott here:

2. TELL AMAZON TO STOP CENSORING BOOKS! Amazon has started censoring books with viewpoints about medical transition they don’t like, even though they still carry Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Write to Amazon, the biggest bookseller in the world, to tell them that you want them to carry books about the realities of gender dysphoria and medical transition like Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage (sometimes removed), Debra Soh’s The End of Gender (sometimes removed), and Ryan T. Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally (currently banned). You can tweet them at @amazonhelp and @amazon.

MESSAGE: @amazon @amazonhelp Stop censoring books like @RyanTAnd When Harry Became Sally! People need to learn the truth about medical transition. Just ask @ScottNewgent and read his @newsweek article

Until next time - Scott

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