Another Trans 'Juno' Explains Position Against Medical Transition of Kids

Updated: 6 days ago

Juno wrote to TReVoices to voice support for my screaming against childhood medical transition.

"I am against medical transition for children and teens because I trust science - I trust the science of research and studies that have shown there are negative outcomes from so-called transgender medicine, and that these outcomes permanently harm children for life. The damage done to children by puberty blockers, hormones, and unnecessary cosmetic surgeries is NOT reversible, and to say otherwise is a lie. To say the effects from puberty blockers can be reversed is a lie - a lie that denies science, ignores reality, and mocks these children's pain. I am disgusted at the money being made by surgeons and pharmaceutical companies who present themselves as saviors to these children when they are little more than cunning snake oil salesmen.

Adults should ask themselves this question: if you wouldn't allow a child to drink alcohol because it would stunt their development, then why would you allow a child to be given a drug that does just as much damage to their development as vodka? Puberty blockers should not be a political issue. All liberals, conservatives, and independents should be outraged by what is happening to children in the name of "transgender rights". And the truth is children are being damaged for politics, profit, and to validate self-centered adults' feelings. Telling children who do not conform to sexist and homophobic stereotypes that they need drugs and surgeries to be a real person is morally wrong, and it is an issue of morality that affects everyone. Everyone should be outraged at children being used as lab rats to appease an ideology that is based on pseudoscience and emotion which mocks science."

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