Minister Liz Truss As A Transman, I Have Some Concerns With Your Reply To Susie Green Of Mermaids UK

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September 10, 2020Liz Truss MP

Email: Open Letter

Dear Minister,

I recently read your correspondence with the CEO of Mermaids, Ms. Susie Green. As a transgender man, I find it concerning that centered around the transgender debate in the UK is everyone but transgender adults.

Does that concern you, because it should? 

A growing number of concerned transgender adults like myself and organizations like TReVoices are becoming more vocal understanding at a granular level what you and Ms. Green cannot understand, not being a transgender person.

I will not get into women's rights, the bathroom debate, or the ridiculous fight about biology being binary, non-binary, or any other craziness. I will discuss what I know, and I know trans because I am one, and it's time to allow our voices and the alarming number of detranstioning voices lifted.  

I do though want to point out something in your response to Ms. Green;

"I do believe that under 18s must be protected from taking decisions which could have an irreversible impact on their development. As you will know, the Gender Recognition Act does not currently enable those under 18 to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate and there are no plans for this to change."

Is this is a recent development? Months ago, the NHS's stance on hormone blockers was pro-medically transitioning children. Why the change? Could the change be because the NHS was wrong, Mermaids was wrong, Stonewall was wrong as well as you? If so, what else is wrong within the trans debate?

What else is the NHS wrong about, and what are the consequences for your lack of foresight, critical thinking, and folding backbone when approached by the all-powerful LGBTQ?

What happens to all the kids who were cheered on, paraded, pushed, and given the hug of acceptance from the NHS, Stonewall & Mermaids and the Parliament? Who will help them with their "irreversible impact on their development" as you spoke about in your response to Ms. Green?

  • Who is Mermaids anyway?

Read it in their own words:

“We seek to educate and inform wider society on gender identity by helping professionals accommodate and reassure gender-variant young people.” - Mermaids UK

Great, let me see the list of these educational professional transgender adult leaders who run and educate society about transgenderism, educate children, parents, politicians, everyone in the UK that needs to be "Trans Socialized."

Mermaids UK 5/6 Leadership Team






Do I need to comment on the NON-Trans Mermaid Leadership Board, or is my point taken?

I have medically transitioned and, I can confidently say I believe we will soon have young adults with internal emotional war wounds that we have no idea how to help. These irreversible impacts on their development and consequences you spoke about are coming and allow me to give you a bit of insight.

The only long-term 30-year study that followed 324 medically transitioned adults tells us that completing medical transition leads to a six-time higher suicide rate than non-trans adults. I believe this is because we do not want to look at the challenges and interpret how to highlight who will and will not benefit from medical transition. 

Taking the time to understand detransitioners does not tell us that medical transition does not work; it tells us that it does not work for some, for most if we are being honest. These detransitioners are essential to understand how to be better stewards to other human beings; why are they being ignored along with other transgender adults like myself? Why the need to silence us?

We all have seen the war movies with the war medical stations in the middle of nowhere right? Do you know what I am talking about? The dingy temporary medical hospitals erected in the jungle and deserts constructed with puny tents and supplies? We have all seen the horrific scenes with helicopters bringing soldiers with severed limbs and gunshot wounds. We have watched the medics as they walk over dead bodies trying to get the alive and wounded to the doctors as they analyze the possibility of their survival and the cost it would take to save them as they calculate the decision of whether they will receive medical treatment.

These conditions will look like the UCLA Medical Center compared to the preparations we have to help these children deal with the seven to ten-year suicide itch; this is what we call it in the trans community.

The mental health industry is not prepared; they are too busy dusting off the glittering bursts of pink grenades being launched at them to have enough time to plan.

How could you have logically believed allowing a suicidal child to decide on medical transitioning with knowing that they will have a six-time higher chance of committing suicide than non-trans adults seven to ten years after the completion of medical transition is a fix for suicidal ideations?

You allowed the better, alive daughter than a dead son; objection to go unchallenged, and the consequences of that decision are coming. What Mermaids, Stonewall and NHS left out telling parents is that they were wrong; the highest suicide rate will come for their kids years later, after medical transition. Terrified parents were basically given no choice but to transition children medically, they were held emotionally hostage. What UK leaders allowed, NHS, Stonewall, and Mermaids to conveniently leave out have potentially tee'd up the most magnanimous suicide epidemic the world has ever seen. The seven-ten-year trans suicide itch, is coming.

What are your plans to save these kids?

The UK Parliament leaders got this wrong. So, I ask what else have they/you gotten wrong. I will tell you from experience as a trans; it's a lot. 

It's time to talk to transgender adults; we are terrified of the lunacy of umbrella's, refusal to accept biology, and ripping at the core of what women fought so hard to accomplish; a little respect. 

Stonewall/Mermaids and the UK Parliament have lost their way, and as a leader, you should be there to re-align and hold them accountable. If you intimidate easily, being a government leader is not a box you need to check on a career assessment.

I believe UK's children are not safe as long as Mermaids & Stonewall have access to them.

Give me a call, and I will explain why. 

TReVoices is coming to do a speaking tour in London to educate people about the transgender community, you know, the one that has transgender people in it. I recommend you attend and invite your Parliament friends. 

See You Soon,

Scott Newgent

Founder - TReVoices

Click Here - This is how the majority of transgender adults feel

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