Newgent's Plea - Please be strong, Canadian Senators. Do your homework protect ALL Kids-Edit Bill C6

Dear Senator,

I know that Bill C6, the so-called “conversion therapy” bill, is soon to come to a vote before the Senate. I urge you as a Senator to very carefully consider the bill from every angle, do your full homework on it, and not be swayed by activists. Because what if Bill C6 passes, and it has it wrong? What are the consequences? What if Bill C6 moves into completion with no revisions or amendments? What are the repercussions of this? It’s critical Canada gets this right, for the sake of all Canadian children.

I ask that you do not throw my email aside but read and consider it thoroughly. I have a lot of experience on this subject. In essence, I embody the transgender debate.

I grew up a lesbian. I understand what it is like to come out and not always be accepted. As an adult, I also transitioned medically to completion, which is rare; most transgender people do not fully medically transition from top to bottom. I have. I am not a detransitioner; I am a happily transitioned 48-year-old transman who would transition again if given a choice. I am also a parent to three adolescents, an age when many children start to wonder about their sexuality and identity. One might think I have an obvious agenda as a transman. But my only agenda is that I want to do right by our children. And I believe to my core that the affirmation-only treatment for ALL children experiencing gender dysphoria that Bill C6 essentially enshrines is a mistake. That does not mean we should not address their issues and help these minors. It does mean we as a society should not assume that a one-size-fits-all approach is the way to go, essentially criminalizing any other method.

Conversion therapy for homosexuality does not work, it never has, and there is enough evidence to prove this. The drafters of Bill C6 got this part right. Homosexuality does not and has never corrected itself. Sure, some people have learned how to choose not to partake in homosexual relationships because of their beliefs, and these people have every right to do so. The difference is that the feeling never goes away; you are always homosexual; there is no cure regardless of the plethora of trial and errors throughout history to convert someone away from being homosexual. Someone can choose not to partake, but it never leaves, it is ingrained in the fibre of someone. I know many gay people who have had to endure conversion therapy, including my wife. So round up the ‘Royal Canadian Mounted Police’ and protect these gay children because they have the right to choose whether they want to endure conversion therapy and should be able to decide as an adult with a fully developed brain (that is, in their mid-20s). Protect these children, Canada.

However, the same cannot be said about transgenderism. Gender Dysphoria has a dissipating rate of 80% . Yes, 80% of children work their way out of gender dysphoria, not 10% or 20%, not even half, but 80%, the majority work through GD to become content with the gender they were born as. Kids who believed they were transgender and in need of transition who who were given the time they needed to reflect and work with a loving therapist who understood that medical transition might be the way to go but allowed that child to swim through the decision process through a process of reflection were able to cope with their Gender Dysphoria and grow up happy and healthy without medical transition.

The detransition rate that is ignored by Canada and the world and swept under the rug like a dirty, unwanted stepchild and blown off as nonexistent the same way AIDS was in the 1980s is a travesty.

The reality of transgenderism is embarrassing. It is much easier to fill prescriptions of synthetic hormones to begin the transition process than to admit this secret: “We want to be the opposite sex, it’s a desire, but we know cannot really BE the opposite sex.” Even I at first screamed like the rest of the young transgender radicals, “I WAS BORN IN THE WRONG BODY, I am a victim, I am righting a wrong!” At heart, I knew it was a desire and reality I was only creating through plastic surgery. And now more than ever I know that to be true (again, recall I have medically transitioned from top to bottom, not many have; yet!).

These gender dysphoric children deserve the chance to remedy the debilitating mental illness of gender dysphoria and make no mistake, that’s what it is: a mental illness that is defined by the American Psychiatric Association. Now, some will grow up and decide as adults to transition medically and it certainly may help them as it has me, but removing the opportunity to remedy GD in children in a loving, safe therapeutic way, guiding them to either A) realize it was a childhood phase they grew out of OR B) enter adulthood with an understanding of what medical transition can and cannot do - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and allowing them to decide with the clarity of an adult brain.

Imagine a child who at age fourteen declares she is a lesbian and then fast forward to when this child is twenty-five and she is walking down the aisle to marry a man she has madly fallen in love with. What are the consequences of her realizing she was bisexual or straight all along Not much. Truly, I can’t think of anything other than dealing with the feeling of what marginalization feels like without needing to and perhaps feeling a little sheepish. That’s it - these are the consequences.

Now, imagine that same child declaring she is not a girl, but a boy, and is in need of medical transition. Imagine her parents are forced to affirm her, without allowing the child time for reflection and exploring the possibility of becoming comfortable in her own body because their daughter’s school got wind of this and used a different name and pronouns while the social worker encouraged her to visit a gender clinic that administered after just two visits hormone blockers (that were considered 100% reversible but have just been ruled by the UK High Court that they are not and that children under 16 and many 16 and 17-year-olds cannot consent to) and soon after gives her a referral for top surgery (that is, a double mastectomy of healthy breast tissue). Now, her parents can’t send her to a therapist for reflection. They consider doing so on the sly but can’t find any therapist willing to lose their license to help their child reflect and give her time to figure out what would be best for her when she reaches adulthood. So the child medically transitions. Then what happens to this child if he realizes at twenty-five that he is a she and is now in the wrong body yet again? At twenty-five, he realizes at fourteen that she was confused and he was a she all along while he looks at a body that looks like a he but is supposed to be what he was born, which is a she? What are the mental and physical ramifications of that?

I’m glad you asked. That same straight little girl who has medically transitioning because she was confused into believing she was a he is now walking down the aisle to get married to a man in what appears to be a gay couple. She is no longer able to have children with the man she fell in love with and has to live with more marginalization than the little girl had to. All because of a childish mistake, a mistake that had an 80% chance of resolving that you took away from her.

Links included within to verify facts. Please check them because if it shocks you to read them, guess what it will do when you take the time to verify the truth?

Here is what we do know about medical transition

  1. Decreased life expectancy

  2. Premature death from heart attacks

  3. Premature death from pulmonary embolisms

  4. Bone damage

  5. Liver failure

  6. Increased mental-health complications

  7. Increases chances of mood-syndrome symptoms

  8. Increased suicide rates than the non-trans population

  9. 12% higher chance than no trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis

  10. Brain development stunted during hormone blockers

  11. Reduced chance for lifelong sexual pleasure

Here is what really gets my goat:

What will happen to a biological boy who takes sex hormones associated with the opposite sex (or vice versa) and grows up without the benefit of natural puberty? What happens to a male body on estrogen over the long term?

No one knows.

What are the psychological effects on detransitioners? How many detransitioners are there even?

Again no one knows.

During my own transition, I had seven surgeries (and am in need of an eighth). I also had a massive pulmonary embolism, a helicopter life-flight ride, several emergency ambulance ride, a stress-induced heart attack, sepsis, a 17-month recurring infection due to using the wrong skin during a (failed) phalloplasty, 16 rounds of antibiotics, three weeks of daily IV antibiotics, the loss of all my hair, (only partially successful) arm reconstructive surgery, permanent lung and heart damage, a cut bladder, insomnia-induced hallucinations—oh and frequent loss of consciousness due to pain from the hair on the inside of my urethra. All this led to a form of PTSD that made me a prisoner in my apartment for a year. Between me and my insurance company, medical expenses exceeded $900,000. The kicker? I was told due to medical transition and complications I have cut at least 15 years off my lifespan. My consequences? I will probably never meet my grandkids. That kills me and fills me with tears for my grandchildren I may never know.

So in conclusion, do you really want to be responsible for the trauma I went through above and the possibilities of what hasn’t happened to me yet on a disorder that has an 80% rate of dissolving within children on its own, with the loving help of parents with big ears and open hearts along with professional therapists trained to help them sort through and cope with their feelings?

I am telling you that this is not an area you want to just give a stamp of approval without serious consideration. This is not about acceptance of the LGBTQ community or even human rights. The period of life - known as identity development - when you can try out another personality consequence-free is fading away. The time to innocently sift through the bucket of choice about what one's life and future can become is disappearing. This guarded period usually watched over by parents and governments to ensure children don't make decisions that cement a particular future is evaporating due to radical transgender activism and not plain old balanced common sense.

Please be strong, Canadian Senators. Do your homework and do your part to protect a generation of vulnerable children and to do right by ALL of them, both those who will eventually benefit from medical transition as adults and the vast majority of those whom if given the opportunity will grow comfortable in their given bodies.

If you require any other information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and the attached brief,

Scott Newgent

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