TReVoices is supporting DetransAwarenessDay. Ways To Raise Awareness-To Do's To Help-Keep SCREAM

I keep getting the same question: How Do I Start Screaming To Save Children From Medical Transition?

Here is a to do list

One of the saddest parts of radical trans activism is the complete denial of the existence of detransitioners, gender-questioning people who medically transitioned (often as kids and teenagers) and then realized they made a mistake, usually after enduring irreversible changes to their bodies. Detransitioners face some of the loneliest times of their lives, completely unsupported by their peers and the medical and mental health communities.

Thus TreVoices is supporting March 12 as #DetransAwarenessDay. Here are things you can do to raise the voices of detransitioners and make the world aware of their existence.

  1. Tweet your support by copying and tweeting this statement:

@DetransAwarenessDay - time the world knew about gender-dysphoric people who medically transition then realize it was a mistake. We must urgently support them by listening +offering alternative therapeutic treatments @detrans_voices @DetransCanada @post_trans @FtMdetransed

  1. Educate yourself on the complicated medical and mental health issues affecting detransitioners by visiting these sites:

  1. Tell you friends and family about detransitioners. As an example, you can talk about the Keira Bell case in the UK and why it might have worldwide ramifications, as explained in this Economist article.

As always, thanks for your support and work to help kids.

Medical Transition is no place for a Child! - Scott


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