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I'm not the only rational trans voice out there who believes medical transition is no place for a child!

In the last few years, I've heard from dozens of trans people who feel just like I do about kids, biology, and sports.

These trans people have told me how much they appreciate TReVoices as a place to be able to finally and safely tell their stories, since on social media they tend to receive a lot of backlash. 

Here are some of their stories.

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Trans Rational Voices

  • Aaron Kimberley

    After Aaron reached out to Scott, he started TReVoices' partner site, Gender Dysphoria Alliance Canada.

    Read more of Aaron's story here.

  • Claudia McLean

    "These trans [men] athletes have an unfair advantage over their female competitors. The reason is that they are stronger, by far than women, rendering such competitions, whatever the sport, unfair." 

    Read the rest of Claudia's story.

  • Juno - Alaskan Trans

    "I am against medical transition for children and teens because I trust science - I trust the science of research and studies that have shown there are negative outcomes from so-called transgender medicine, and that these outcomes permanently harm children for life."


    Read the rest of Juno's story.

  • Eden Walker

    "My perspective is unique, with the fact that I am a post-operative transsexual woman, and I have gone through all of the requirements needed to participate in competitive women's sporting events."

    Read the rest of Eden's story.

Rational Trans Voices in other languages

  • Texas Trans Lady

    "Why is transition, especially medical treatment, pushed as the only answer to the "epidemic of trans suicide"? I will gladly advocate for mental health access for anyone, and I feel it's especially important for people with dysphoria. Why aren't we more concerned about the risk of suicide in LGB youth?"

    Read the rest of TX Trans Lady's article.

  • Another Trans Voice

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  • Another Trans Voice

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  • Another Trans Voice

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Rational Trans Spotlight - Aaron Kimberley

Aaron Kimberley's essay When We Were Butch Lesbians

Founder of Gender Dysphoria Alliance Canada

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