What is all the "Buzz" about?

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. Because it does"


Holy shit Scott, you're a fantastic speaker. I'm sitting with my mouth wide open in shock, eyes glued to the screen. This is the most powerful way I've seen the 'warning' put across so far. You're going to save lives.

Sara P.

OMG, I knew it, I knew it, I am so glad I didn't cave, my child is settling down getting older and happiness is returning. If she wants to be trans as an adult thats ok, I just could not jump on the train. Thank you, whoever, who is this person?


Three powerful passionate voices! What a great talk. It's especially encouraging to hear Scott and Buck talk about how to bring these conversations to a wider audience. Sometimes it feels kind of hopeless because the Mermaids of the world have all the mainstream support. But this is a cause worth fighting for, and I will definitely support you guys however I can

Butterfly Reason

The trans community needs and deserves rational trans voices like yours! Thank you <3

Amy R.

Very insightful and enjoyable conversation to listen to. It's nice to be able to laugh while learning, and Scott is certainly a smashing combo of smart and funny. (I thought to myself while watching, it's impossible not to like this guy!) Tuning in to his work, and I'd be happy to see him show up again.

Thank you for putting yourself into the line of fire. I know the UK SelfID law isn't a direct result of our campaigning but your high profile account and first hand experiences made people take notice. Thank you for all you are doing!

Michael J.

Thank You for being one of the voices we desperately need right now!

Scott is fantastic! This was another great interview - I loved hearing Scott’s perspective and I wish we were hearing this in our mainstream media outlets. But we aren’t, and probably never will, so thanks to the Flying Spagetti Monster that Ben is doing it!

Elsa G.

Most trans people are like this, including myself.

And thank you lovely for being so supportive & your letter to


etc, etc! We are ALL in this together, til the end.

Sarah A.

Seriously, how do we get this Scott character in front of a camera? All you guys did good, but Scott is the Jedi to fix this?


Scott I appreciate you and thank you for your humour anvd experienced perspective.

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